Adoption Criteria

If you are wondering what we require of our potential adopters, this is the place to look! We do have some non-negotiable rules to be approved for adoption.


Even if you have never been loved by a guinea pig, chinchilla, rabbit, etc, thats ok! One major requirement for adoption is that you be open to never-ending education. You need to be prepared to throw out things that you thought you knew about caring for piggies, and be open to learning about what is good and what is bad about diet, housing, and general care.


All of our critters MUST live in a house, with air conditioning, and free from the elements.

We understand that most pet stores say it is OK to house your guinea pig or rabbit in a hutch in your backyard. This is an absolute NO-NO. Our animals are being adopted as new members of your family. A hutch in your backyard is not a home - it's a prison.


No, we will NOT adopt an animal out as a child's pet. We WILL adopt an animal out to a family, where the critter(s) will become a member of that family, be loved and cared for by the adults primarily, with the children as co-caretakers.

Here is my philosophy, as a parent AND a rescuer: I don't care how mature a child is. I don't care if that child is 5 or 15. That child's primary responsibility is to get an education, have a social life, participate in after school sports and/or the arts, and do what kids generally do. If you are expecting your child to be the primary caretaker, it will NOT work out the way you want it to.


Often, we get requests for super specific things: male vs female, longhair vs shorthair, baby vs adult, black vs white, etc. PLease understand that we will accomodate as best as we can, but ultimately, we make potential adoption recommendations based on the animals' personalities and how that personality matches up with your family's. If you have young children, we probably will not recommend a young piggy. If you are a first time piggy person, we may also recommend an adult over a baby. We will chat more on a case by case basis.

Adoption Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in adopting. As part of our on-going efforts to find the best possible permanent home for our foster animals, we request that you answer each of the following questions carefully. Please fill out the form, and send back to us. One of our Adoption Counselors will contact you shortly. Thank you! You can cut and paste the form below and email us at

The purpose of the following questionnaire is to determine whether your home is suited for the particular animal that you are asking for. Sometimes, there are some factors that aren't considered when adopting a pet is discussed. This form will help us to help you find the best solution for you and your family. We are here to counsel you, in order to ensure a happy home both for you and the animal. We love our animals, so we will do everything possible to make sure that they are safe and happy!

Critters For Adoption

You can view some of our many adoptable critters on our PETFINDER page, but please contact us, as Petfinder does not always have an updated listing.

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