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The Best Ways to Contact Us!

The best way to reach us is by email - - or through Facebook.

Our Focus

We primarily work with guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, with the occasional rabbit, sugar glider, and rat. We do NOT work with dogs or cats.

Our focus will be on educating people on the most appropriate care of these critters - something that the majority of pet stores DO NOT properly do.

The type and number of animals we take in will depend entirely on the availability of our foster homes. WE DESPERATELY NEED MORE FOSTER HOMES! This may be a fantastic solution for you if you're not sure a specific critter is a good fit for your family, or can't commit to permanent adoption!

Critters For Adoption

You can view some of our many adoptable critters on our PETFINDER page.

Our Blog

Our most popular blog post to date is our article about the non-diggable litterbox, which can be found there.

Adoption Criteria

If you are wondering what we require of our potential adopters, this is the place to look! We do have some non-negotiable rules to be approved for adoption. Check out our page on ADOPTION CRITERIA.

How You Can Help:

    The goal of having foster homes is to allow each animal the experience of getting one on one attention from their family.
    We want them to feel the love and get the attention that they can only get from a home.
    Shelter environments, no matter how clean and well maintained they are, still "warehouse" their animals. Meaning, there are cages after cages of multiple animals. This environment can be rather stressful - to the animals as well as the human caretakers.
    Being in an actual home is better than being cage #5 in a room with 20 other critters.
    Multi-pet homes are fine, as long as it is a home where each animal can get personal attention everyday, for more than just a few minutes a day.

  • EVENT VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! We need folks to help out at events. You'd be giving people information (training IS required), taking care of whatever critters we will have set up at the event, and making sure visitors do not just randomly try to touch or pick up the animals. No animal is to be handled without direct supervision from our volunteers!

  • CREATIVE MINDS are needed to help make promotional flyers. Ideas are always welcome for ways to help promote the group! Graphic artists are definitely needed.

  • FUNDRAISER ideas and/or proposals are always welcomed. Have any ideas? Contact us!

    Volunteer hours are offered for those needing them!

What We Do

  • Our focus is on GUINEA PIGS, Chinchillas, Hamsters, and the occasional rat, ferret, hedgehog, sugar glider and rabbit. Our space is limited to what foster space is available.

  • VETERINARY CARE AND FOSTER HOMES to strays - generally they come from veterinary hospitals, humane societies/Animal Control/SPCA, and those found roaming the streets.

  • EDUCATION: We provide education on the proper care of these specialized critters - things like the correct diet, type of housing, and answering any questions and/or concerns that you may have. All questions are welcomed- thank you for trying to learn everything that you can (and the critters thank you)!

  • PET SITTING: If you are going away for a weekend, or even a couple of weeks, we will care for your little ones as a way to raise money for the rescue. All proceeds go directly towards rescue costs (food, veterinary care, etc)!

  • BONDING HELP: Want to add another rabbit or guinea pig to the family, but don't know how to go about making sure they get along? Let us know - we have a few options that we can provide to help!

  • EMERGENCY SHELTER is provided to those critters escaping an abusive or potentially dangerous situation. When you need to act quickly to find yourself and your children someplace to go, and do not want to leave your animals behind, contact us for a safe haven for them.



Holiday Photos!!!!

Pet Food Warehouse
1830 61st Ave N
St Petersburg FL
We will be there from 11am through 3pm


Pet Food Warehouse
1830 61st Ave N
St Petersburg FL
We will be there from 11am through 3pm